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Rumah Aman, which means "Peaceful Home" in Malay, is an institution that provides a caring and loving home for orphans and/or children from very destitute or underprivileged families. Rumah Aman offers not only a shelter, but also a home and an education support programme to monitor the growth of each kid in every way.

Rumah Aman (Shah Alam), was formed by Abdul Rehman Dakri and wife, Mehrunessa Dakri in 2005, initially located in Seksyen 2, Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. Rumah Aman developed a larger home in Saujana Utama in 2013, with the capacity to house about 100 children.

Presently it manages the Rumah Aman Orphanage and Welfare Home which is a registered body with the Welfare Department of Malaysia since March 2006. It operates the orphanage through donations, zakat and sadaqa lillah entrusted by public.

Treating the children as our own creates a peaceful home. The founder (Abdul Rehman Dakri) said, "Once the children enter Rumah Aman, they are no longer orphans." The Home has the best facilities and staff. We have libraries, computer labs, classrooms, a large dining hall, a pristine kitchen, a huge playground, a futsal court, an indoor hall, and a rooftop play area. We have 8 bedrooms so children aren't overcrowded.

We've assigned education staff and tutors to assist with education. From administrative requirements to ensure they can go to school (located near our home in Saujana Utama), to logistics, to extra-classes/tuition, they help the children in any way they can to ensure they have the best education experience. The staff works tirelessly to ensure no child is left behind academically; they also shape and nurture the children's attitudes, motivation, and discipline.

We provide a strong emphasis on the cultivation of Islamic character because we think that with the correct combination of both intellectual and religious teaching, these children will be better prepared after they leave Rumah Aman in quest of independence and a rewarding profession.


Rumah Aman Playground

Rumah Aman Surau

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